The Albaicín and Sacromonte’s Iconic Sights: a Granada walking tour

The palaces and ramparts of the Alhambra, with the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains towering above them, are one of the iconic images of Andalusia. On this audio tour you’ll never be far from a spectacular viewpoint, but between them you’ll dive into narrow, winding streets that have changed little since Moorish times.

View of the Alhambra from Mirador de Mario Maya.

You’ll start by exploring the very oldest part of the city, which has been settled for almost 3,000 years. Next, Ben will guide you through the heart of the Albaicin, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is rich in charm and dotted with historic sights, including the old city walls, palaces, gardens and churches.

These days, the area is also home to some great bars and restaurants, where you can enjoy a drink with tapas on a delightful little square or dine on a jasmine-scented terrace as you gaze across at the floodlit Alhambra.

The tour then continues into the Sacromonte valley, where the Roma community has traditionally lived, and which is famous for its exotic cave houses and brilliant flamenco artists. The tour is packed with sights and breathtaking viewpoints, including the unmissable Mirador San Nicolás.

The tour lasts roughly 75 minutes, but allow more time if you want to go into the sights along the way, linger at the viewpoints or stop for a coffee or tapas.

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