Canyoning and Water Sports

Río Verde is a great place to try canyoning

Many of the rivers that come cascading down the mountains of Andalusia have carved deep gorges through the rocks, creating the perfect location for canyoning. And if you follow the rivers right down to the coast, you can enjoy activities like kayaking, sailing and snorkelling in the sea.


In Spanish, canyoning is called barranquismo, which comes from barranco, the word for a gorge or canyon. There are lots of great locations for canyoning, but unless you’re very experienced, it’s best to go with a guide. Here are a few of the places they might take you:

  • Otívar, Río Verde: We have a great self-guided hike that takes you down into the spectacular limestone formations along the Río Verde, but some parts of the gorge can only be reached by canyoning.
  • Lentegí, Río Lentegí: This is very close to Río Verde, and takes you into a similarly beautiful landscape.
  • Capileira, Río Bermejo: This short, technical route requires you to rappel down some vertical sections.
  • Órgiva: You can reach two good canyons from the town of Órgiva. In the Río Trevelez, iron gives the rocks and water a reddish tone. This one is only for experts! The Barranco de Poquiera is another technical route, although slightly less difficult than the Río Trevelez.
  • Güejar Sierra, Río Genil: The Barranco del Rinconcillo is a short but attractive route best done in the summer months.
  • Palancón river: On the border between the provinces of Granada and Almería provinces, this is a family-friendly ravine suitable for beginners.

Water sports

Kayaking and paddleboarding are great ways to explore the cliffs and caves of the Costa Tropical coastline. If you go diving or snorkelling in the sea you’ll see some of the colourful fish, crabs, coral, anemones and sea urchins hiding beneath the surface of the Mediterranean.

A relaxing boat trip is another enjoyable way to spend the day, or if you have a navigation licence you can hire a boat and sail it yourself.