About Us

Trek Sierra Nevada is run by Ben and Rebecca, a British couple living and working in Granada. Since we arrived in 2006, we’ve immensely enjoyed exploring our surrounding area, which really is a paradise for hikers. Having previously lived in London, we value the variety of walks we have right on our doorstep, some of which start from the city itself, with many others within a half-hour drive.

Why Trek Sierra Nevada?

There is a wealth of information available about the Sierra Nevada, both in books and on the Internet. Over the past few years we have spent a lot of time researching new hiking routes, but this has often required us to use multiple sources of information to find a route description, map and details of how to get there. We have also found the quality of information to be variable, leading to a number of aborted hikes where we didn’t manage to find the right path! There just didn’t seem to be a single website covering everything you need to know to plan your hiking trip … until now! Trek Sierra Nevada aims to fill that gap, providing detailed, easy-to-follow and accurate information in a standard format for a wide range of hiking routes in the Sierra Nevada and surrounding area.

Contact Us

If you have a general question about hiking, please look to see if it’s covered in our Frequently Asked Questions or use the contact form below.

For enquiries about guided activities, please use the guided activities contact form.