Fuente del Hervidero

The Fuente del Hervidero area offers lots of walks in a varied and unusual landscape. For great views, climb the sandy slopes of Trevenque, a striking mountain known locally as the “King”.


It’s possible to stay in the nearby town of La Zubia, but the walks are also very easily accessible from Granada, Monachil or Dilar.

List of Hikes: Fuente del Hervidero

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Boca de la Pesca

The twin-peaked Boca de la Pesca (“the fish’s mouth”) is a tiny mountain in comparison with those around it, but from the top there are commanding views of the high peaks of the Sierra Nevada, Trevenque, the Dilar valley and the city of Granada down on the plain below. This walk is best in the late afternoon when the light is softer and you have more chance of some shade on the short but fairly steep climb. Continue reading

8 km   2h 15min   404m   Medium         Downloads:     
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Canal de la Espartera

From Trevenque’s dusty, arid slopes to the lush vegetation and crashing waterfalls of the Dilar valley, this walk packs in a huge variety of scenery. Bathed in the warm evening light, the striking peaks of Trevenque and Boca de la Pesca take on subtle shades of gold and red. Continue reading

14 km   4 h 30 min   500 m   Medium         Downloads:     
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Cerro Huenes

This is a pleasant loop around Cerro Huenes, a small mountain on the edge of the Sierra Nevada. For the first part of the walk you have views down to the city of Granada, while later you can see up to the higher mountains to your south, including Veleta. Mostly the path runs through quite open countryside, but there are a few short sections of forest. Continue reading

12.5km   3h 45 min   600m   Medium         Downloads:     
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Although by no means one of the highest mountains in the Sierra Nevada, the striking peak of Trevenque is recognised as a tough climb due to the rugged and steep final ascent. At the summit you will be rewarded with 360° views of Veleta, the Sierra Nevada ski station, and surrounding mountain ranges including the Sierras de Alhama, Tejeda y Almijara, Sierra de Huétor and Sierra Elvira. It’s no wonder that Trevenque is known locally as the “King”. The walk returns through the beautiful river Dilar valley. Continue reading

16 km   5h 30min   928 m   Hard         Downloads:     
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