Beas de Granada – Granada

16 km   4-5 h   385m   Medium   Medium   Medium    
View of Sierra Nevada from above Beas de Granada

Following the crest of the ridge between Beas and Granada, this walk has some of the best views of the full length of the Sierra Nevada mountains to be had anywhere. It is particularly spectacular in winter, when you can see all of the snow-capped peaks, from El Caballo in the west to Picon de Jerez in the east. As it takes you right back into the heart of Granada, it’s the perfect walk if you’re staying in the city. The shepherds who established this old right of way certainly knew how to pick a good route!

Level At 16km, this is a long walk, but it’s not particularly difficult, so you can take your time and enjoy the fantastic views. It follows an ancient right of way, the Vereda del Barranco del Abogado, which is in most places a wide track, so it is fairly easy going underfoot and relatively straightforward to navigate, as long as you take note of the directions at a few key junctions.

When to go Avoid midsummer when the total lack of shade would make this route intolerable. Views are best when there’s a good coating of snow on the Sierra Nevada (normally November – May).

Spring blossom, Beas de Granada

Water Take plenty with you as there is none available along the route.

Location: East of Granada This one-way walk starts from Beas de Granada, a small village to the north-east of Granada, and ends in the city itself.

By Bus: Take service 300 from Granada to Beas de Granada. Click here for more info and links to current timetables.

By Car: As this walk is one-way it doesn’t really make sense by car, unless someone can drop you off in Beas. Another alternative is to take a taxi, which works out quite good value if you are in a group.

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