Vibrant Multicultural Realejo: a walking tour of Granada’s old Jewish Quarter

Realejo, Granada’s old Jewish Quarter, is a vibrant and cosmopolitan place with a fascinating history. Its synagogues and mosques gave way to churches over 500 years ago but, if you know where to look, many traces of its Jewish and Muslim heritage remain. On this audio tour, you’ll see this lively neighbourhood’s rich past come to life.

Torres Bermejas, Granada

The tour starts in Plaza del Carmen, where locals gather to count down to the New Year in the heart of Granada. From there, Ben will guide you through Realejo’s maze of winding streets and alleyways. It’s on a steep hillside, so be prepared for some climbing! Your efforts will be rewarded with gorgeous vistas of the Alhambra. You’ll also be able to admire the city and its surroundings from viewpoints like Placeta Puerta del Sol and Torres Bermejas, which once formed part of the old city walls.

Stepping out into modern Realejo, Ben will point out plenty of great tapas bars. Along the way, he’ll explain the significance of the statue of Mariana Pineda, the Fuente de las Batallas fountain, and the Virgin de las Angustias church.

You’ll also learn a bit about Granada’s history, including the prominent role of Jews such as Samuel ibn Nagrela, who was the Muslim king’s right-hand man, and hear about some of the famous writers, artists and musicians who were drawn to the city by the romance of the Alhambra and Granada’s diverse cultural heritage.

The tour lasts roughly 75 minutes, but allow more time if you want to go into the sights along the way, linger at the viewpoints or stop for a coffee or tapas.

You can purchase the Vibrant Multicultural Realejo walking tour for your smartphone from the VoiceMap website or through the VoiceMap app, which you can download from iTunes or Google Play.

VoiceMap is an innovative app that uses your phone’s GPS to automatically play you audio based on your location. Once you’ve bought the tour, you can listen to it as many times as you like. The app uses GPS to navigate, rather than your phone’s data. If you download it in advance somewhere you have access to WiFi, you won’t need to use data roaming at all. If you’re not in Granada at the moment, you can also listen to it as a virtual tour.

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