Spring is a great time of year for walking in the Sierra Nevada. The days are warm and pleasant without being uncomfortably hot. Wildflowers and butterflies appear and there is still snow on the high mountains, so views can be spectacular. When the snow starts to melt, the waterfalls are at their most impressive.

We have picked out a few of the best walks to do in spring. This is only a small selection of our hikes – for a full list of walks that you can do in spring, click here.

List of Hikes: Suggestions for Spring

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GR-7 Trevélez – Busquístar

This is one of the most attractive legs of the GR-7 long-distance walking trail, and it is a great place to start exploring the beautiful countryside of the Alpujarras. The walk starts in Trevélez, then takes you to a picturesque waterfall, through a forest of holm oaks and past various crumbling farmhouses, before descending to the pretty village of Busquístar. In spring the gorse and broom come into bloom, producing a sea of bright yellow flowers. Continue reading

13 km   4 hours   512 m   Medium         Downloads:     
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Lavaderos de la Reina

Lavaderos de la Reina means “the Queen’s washing place”. It is an area of lush meadows fed by mountain springs. By far the best time to visit is in late spring or early summer, when the melting snow feeds the gushing streams. The first part of the route also gives some great views of the Sierra Nevada. Continue reading

17 km   6 hours   640 m   Medium         Downloads:     
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Picacho Alto

This walk takes you to the top of Picacho Alto (1,776 m) in the Alayos de Dilar, which are a row of jagged mountains made of limestone and dolomite. Although the Alayos are not particularly high, the scenery is amazing and the area feels quite remote. Some sections of the walk are very steep, but you get magnificent views of the city of Granada, the high peaks of the Sierra Nevada and the surrounding peaks of the Alayos. The final part of the walk takes you down a spectacular ravine. Continue reading

13 km   4 h 15 min   900 m   Hard         Downloads:     
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Restábal to Cónchar

This walk takes you between two pretty white villages in the Lecrín valley: Restábal, perched above the Béznar reservoir, and Cónchar, hidden away in a small valley. You follow one ridge out, and a different one back, so you have lovely views of the surrounding valley and up to the snow-capped mountains of the western Sierra Nevada. Continue reading

14km   4 hours   694m   Medium         Downloads:     
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Although by no means one of the highest mountains in the Sierra Nevada, the striking peak of Trevenque is recognised as a tough climb due to the rugged and steep final ascent. At the summit you will be rewarded with 360° views of Veleta, the Sierra Nevada ski station, and surrounding mountain ranges including the Sierras de Alhama, Tejeda y Almijara, Sierra de Huétor and Sierra Elvira. It’s no wonder that Trevenque is known locally as the “King”. The walk returns through the beautiful river Dilar valley. Continue reading

16 km   5h 30min   928 m   Hard         Downloads:     
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Vereda de la Estrella

The Vereda de la Estrella is one of the classic hikes of the Sierra Nevada. The scenery in this deep valley is stunning, and the Vereda de la Estrella path, originally built to access the Estrella copper mine, is a feat of engineering. Above the gorge, there are views of the rugged north faces of the three highest peaks in the mountain range – Mulhacén, Veleta and Alcazaba. A long walk, but well worth the effort. If the full walk seems too much, it’s still worth considering going part way along the path. The path is well-marked and very easy to follow. Continue reading

21 km   6 hours   650 m   Medium         Downloads:     
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