Albuñuelas – Cruz Chiquita

17 km   4h 45 min   645 m   Medium   Easy   Medium    


The village of Albuñuelas lies tucked away in the furthest corner of the Lecrín valley, so not many people find their way here. This walk takes in sections of the GR-7 long-distance walking trail to create a loop that starts and ends in the village. As you head up into the hills you soon get great views of the Lecrín valley and the Sierra Nevada, which you continue to enjoy for much of the walk.

Albuñuelas – Río Saleres

6 km   1 h 45 min   258 m   Easy   Easy   Easy    


A short walk that goes out along the GR-7 long-distance walking trail before returning on the other side of the Saleres river. Lovely views of the villages in the Lecrín valley, as well as to El Caballo in the Sierra Nevada.

Cónchar Loop

12km   4 hours   550m   Medium   Medium   Medium    


This walk takes you down into the lush Dúrcal valley and up to the Atalaya de Cónchar watchtower. The landscape and vegetation are very varied: vineyards, fruit orchards, olive groves, cacti, scrubland and the village of Cónchar. From the watchtower you have great views of the Lecrin Valley and the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Melegís – Murchas

5 km   1h 30min   160m   Easy   Easy   Easy    


The GR-7 long-distance walking trail links the attractive Lecrín Valley villages of Melegís and Murchas. This walk takes you up from Melegís to Murchas on the GR-7, before returning by a differrent route to make an easy and pleasant circuit. Suitable for people of all ages and levels of fitness.

Restábal – Pinos del Valle

12 km   3 hours   430m   Medium   Easy   Easy    


A pleasant walk between two white villages, with sweeping views across the Lecrín Valley, the Béznar reservoir and beyond to the Sierra Nevada. Stop for a drink and a snack at a cafe-bar in Pinos del Valle before heading back to Restábal or, if you have the energy, extend the trip by hiking down to a picnic area just above the reservoir.

Restábal to Cónchar

14km   4 hours   694m   Medium   Medium   Medium    


This walk takes you between two pretty white villages in the Lecrín valley: Restábal, perched above the Béznar reservoir, and Cónchar, hidden away in a small valley. You follow one ridge out, and a different one back, so you have lovely views of the surrounding valley and up to the snow-capped mountains of the western Sierra Nevada.